Brisel Jimenez
​​​​​​​HR Intern, Advanced Group

What I love the most about my team is that they are hardworking and driven to accomplish new goals. I am very grateful that they are always willing to help me learn more and grow!

Conor McCann
Practice Director, Advanced Resources

Advanced Resources dedication to its internal team, talent in the field, and client partners never ceases to amaze me. The training and ongoing leadership development opportunities that I am offered here help to make me realize my potential as a strategic partner for my talent and clients. The excellent benefits and meaningful communication that we have ongoing with our talent in the field creates a bond where talent want to continue working with us. Advanced is constantly striving to develop new practices and service offerings so our customers are confident we can support them in the way that they need. Our devotion to these three pieces of our business is what makes us a market leader and is why I’m excited to be here!

Jen Iliff 
Director of Marketing, Advanced RPO

I love the trust and empowerment of working at Advanced. We have a strong, clear vision of our future and it’s very bright.  It’s fulfilling to know that we impact such an important part of people’s lives – their job, along with helping companies find the talent they need to get ahead.

Demetra Sklavos 
Senior Search Consultant, Advanced Resources

Our clients and talent come first. It’s funny because I tell everyone I connect with that I will never go away! Building friendships and relationships, helping you steer your career, and making dreams come true is what I do every day.
I love that my team fosters friendly competition and we always help each other out. We decorate each other’s desks for birthdays and anniversaries. We go to random lunches together, go out for happy hour. More importantly, we celebrate the ‘Wins’ and pick each other up with the ‘Losses’. We have an awesome team culture, fun & modern office environment, great insurance benefits, monthly fitness reimbursement, work-from-any-office abilities, flexibility, stand-up desks, ping pong tables, team outings, happy hours, quarterly all-staffs, Ovations trip, monthly celebrations….the list goes on and on!
We are constantly encouraged by management to develop ourselves and our career. We are offered opportunities to expand our skill set, move to a different team, prove ourselves to get promoted to management, and gain knowledge through lunch’n’learns. I have learned how to do my job in new and different ways, thanks to my colleagues who always share their knowledge and experience.

Jason Casarella
VP of Business Development and Marketing, Advanced Clinical

Advanced is a true team environment. Everyone looks out for one another, respects one another, and will find a way to cover when someone is out of office.  The orientation toward a team goal is very strong and we all encourage one another to achieve.
I also really appreciate our fitness reimbursement.  With the long hours and frequent travel, it’s great to know that the company values health and wellness and is willing to reimburse employees to stay active.
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Ashley Schaeffer 
Human Resources Coordinator, Advanced Group

I love that I work for a company that allows me to spend time helping causes that I’m passionate about. It means a lot that we can vocalize what charities are important to us, and that Advanced Group will then coordinate efforts to help make an impact at those organizations.

Rebekah King
Lead Sourcer, Advanced RPO

The team I work with is just as dedicated and hard working as I consider myself to be. We all strive to go above and beyond in order to accomplish our goals, even when that means wearing many hats. Because much of my team is remote, we have a very deep level of trust for one another resulting in a strong team dynamic.

Ami DeBoer
Director of Recruiting, Advanced Clinical

In the Clinical industry, we are able to help people with their resume building, interview coaching, and provide them opportunities nationwide. We pride ourselves on being career counselors and helping career professionals find their next great opportunity, where they are able to grow and contribute to helping save and better the lives of individuals across the world. Simply put we put people to work every day!
My team has built up great trust amongst one another. We are willing to share feedback and hold each other accountable to better serve our candidates, clients, and each other. We all work hard and yet find time to share laughs. I really enjoy coming to work every day with each and every one of my team members. They are truly my second family. 

We manage to take the time to celebrate not only the big wins but also the small wins as well as reflect on the daily successes that each individual brings to the table. Advanced Clinical is truly a unique culture that I look forward to waking up and coming to work every day.

Samantha Barnowski
Associate Search Consultant, Advanced Resources

When I first joined Advanced Group, every single person was incredibly welcoming and readily available to help with whatever challenges came my way. I truly feel that my future growth and success with Advanced Group will be celebrated by everyone and that I have a great group of role models to guide me along the way!

Lisa Carroll
Talent Management Consultant, Advanced Resources

My role makes a difference in the lives of people I place to work at my non-for-profit client AND the people the impact in the work they do. I’ve been able to help incredibly innovative, creative, socially minded people get their foot in the door in an incredible organization. They are changing people’s lives.

Advanced Resources does a great job of recognizing their people and our Ovations trips are my favorite. It’s fun to connect with your colleagues outside of a work setting…sun and beaches don’t hurt either! Our team is full of smart, passionate, dedicated people who strive each day to make a difference. They are also just good people who make work fun every day!

Erin Matsunaga 
Associate Director, Data Management, Advanced Clinical

Working in data management, we see patient data firsthand.  It makes me feel like I’m doing a small part in making a difference in people’s lives. Especially when working on an oncology trial and I see lives extended by enrolling in some of these clinical trials.  Sometimes there are no other options for these patients. It is very rewarding! 
I’ve been an employee at Advanced Clinical for over 12 years and have been given the opportunity to learn and grow throughout my career here.  I’ve been promoted 6 times within my department and have been offered a position within another department as well.  Advanced definitely prefers to promote within!

Nicholas Caparell
Recruiter, Advanced Clinical

My role allows me to provide candidate’s great opportunities with leading life science organizations throughout the United States on a contract and permanent bases. It always makes a difference when we are able to match the proper candidates with the proper opportunities and see the candidate & client benefit from the relationship.

Stephanie Caudle 
Operations Associate, Advanced Clinical

I am new to the Advanced Clinical family, but I am incredibly grateful to be a part of such a wonderful team! Not only that, but since my cousin passed away from cancer a couple years ago, it brings me such deep fulfillment to know that our services are making a positive impact in the industry that is fighting back hard against that terrible disease (and many others). Working with people who are smart, passionate, and kind adds joy to my personal work and makes me excited for the future of our team and the patients that our clients serve!

Soujanya Rallabandi
Senior Clinical Data Manager, Advanced Clinical

At Advanced, people are always ready to help. My colleagues have tremendous experience in their fields, are willing to share knowledge and ready to assist with work assignments when needed.
My work entails overseeing the quality and integrity of the clinical trial data collected throughout the life of a study, which plays an important role in the overall outcome of the trial. A successful outcome can bring breakthrough products into the market to improve the quality of the health of people around the world. The work I do every day motivates me to take up new challenges and move ahead.

Lana Johnson
Marketing Director, Advanced Group

I have loved working at Advanced for four reasons. First, the people. We have an amazing group of hardworking, talented, bright, and fun-loving people in our company. Second, I love that we are widely respected as leaders in our industry. It’s important to be proud of who you work for and we’ve earned an amazing reputation through delivering the best for our clients and candidates. Third, I have always had the opportunity to grow and develop at Advanced. There’s always been an exciting new challenge around the corner! Finally, I love our culture. Our vision, mission, and REAL values start with our CEO and the culture permeates everything we do. Culture gives us a sense of common goal and purpose which is so key to loving the company you work for!

Laura Leal
​​​​​​​Strategic Account Manager, Advanced Resources

Every day, we have the opportunity to not only help businesses thrive, but develop meaningful partnerships with our talent. It is rewarding to help match talent to a great role that can help them succeed in their careers. One of the great benefits of working at Advanced is our Volunteer Committee, Advancing Futures. There are regular opportunities where we can help give back to the community by partnering with phenomenal organizations for volunteering and sponsorship opportunities.
Within my career at Advanced, and thanks to the collaboration of our team, I’ve had the opportunity to win achievement awards and receive multiple promotions within my career.  This has helped develop my leadership and sales skills to help support my career in the future.

Pam Schieber
​​​​​​​Associate Director, Strategic Accounts, Advanced Resources

I’ve had the pleasure of working at Advanced Resources for almost 12 years! What I love most about Advanced Resources is the culture and people.  Our senior leaders take time to get to know who each one of us are and truly care about us.  I like to describe my Advanced colleagues as family!
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